6 Awesome Indian Makeup Ideas

indian makeup ideas -diwali smokey eye
Diwali Smokey Eye Tutorial - Indian Makeup Ideas

In this post, we’ve come up with the 6 best Indian makeup ideas we can find. If you’re an Indian woman there’s a perfect video in here for what you’re looking for. We’re the site that brings you the best Indian makeup videos. Whether you have dusky, wheatish or light skin, you’ll find a perfect video for you here.

1. Indian Makeup Tutorial by Corallista

Indian makeup Ideas
Indian Makeup Ideas – Indian Makeup Tutorial by Corallista

Ankitva Srivatasva also known as Corallista put together the most basic tips to getting Indian makeup ideas right. She starts from a fresh face and goes up to concealer, foundation application, eyeshadow application and finally the lips. Beautiful video here. We love this Indian makeup tutorial.

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2. Indian Diwali Smokey Eye Makeup

indian makeup ideas -diwali smokey eye
Diwali Smokey Eye Tutorial – Indian Makeup Ideas

In this Indian makeup tutorial video, Kaushal Beauty takes you through the steps to getting the perfect smokey eye look for Diwali. It’s only 8 minutes so it doesn’t take that long to follow and learn. Perfect video if you’re a beginner.

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3. Indian Bollywood Bridal Makeup

Indian Makeup Ideas - Bollywood Bridal Tutorial
Bollywood/South Indian Makeup Tutorial

This is another makeup idea for Indian skin by professional makeup artist Mona. If you’re wondering how to get that gorgeous and popping look that brides have in Bollywood movies? You have come to the right place. It’s also a great wedding makeup idea.

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4. Indian Makeup Ideas – Indian Party Tutorial

This makeup tutorial is for Indian women who are invited to parties and non-Indian women as well. If you want to learn how to get makeup done and applied for Indian parties, Watch this video from Makeup and Fashion Diaries. One of our favourite makeup ideas for Indian skin

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5. Neutral/Nude Makeup Tutorial for Indian Skin

makeup ideas for indian skin
Neutral/Nude Makeup Tutorial – Makeup Ideas for Indian Skin

We have Corallista here again. In this video, she teaches how to get the neutral makeup look where you have makeup on but still look natural like you don’t have makeup on. It’s our third best makeup ideas for Indian skin.

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6. 5 Different Eyeliner Looks by Vogue India

makeup ideas for indian skin - eyeliner looks
Eyeliner Looks Makeup Tutorial – Makeup Ideas for Indian Skin

The style people at Vogue made a video tutorial of 5 different eyeliner looks. Pick any one of them and you’re good to hit the road. Great makeup ideas for the daytime and night.

Those are all the Indian makeup videos we have today. We hope you like the Ideas and share them on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. The buttons are below!