How to Apply Foundation for Indian Skin

How to Apply Foundation - Makeup Tutorial Videos
How to Apply Foundation – Makeup Tutorial Videos

Watch how to apply foundation forĀ Indian skin from this makeup tutorial. Application of foundation on Indian skin is very easy to do and is essential for a perfect makeup look. It is a simple indian makeup video to watch and learn from.

Products used in this video are:

L’oreal true match foundation in shade N7
Perfection Natural finish long lasting foundation in shade dark tan from Marks & spencer
MAC prep + prime skin base visage primer
Revlon colorstay powder in Medium
Music credits: Music by Dano Music

Step 1: What is Foundation? How to Apply Foundation For Indian Skin

Foundation is a makeup product that evens out the skin. It is used to blend out skin blemishes, hide large pores and as a step for other makeup tools.

Step 2: What foundation should you choose?

Foundation should match your skin colour and blend in with your skin texture. This is why it comes with different shades and colours for different skins. This makeup tutorial video is focused on How to Apply Foundation for Indian skin for Indian women.

Step 3: How to Pick a foundation shade

You should apply foundation near your jaw line and rub it in with your fingers. When the colour has disappeared, you’ll know it is right for your skin. Any shade or colour of foundation that doesn’t disappear isn’t right for Indian skin. Get Indian makeup tips here.


Step 4: How to pick the right foundation type

Foundation types are different based on the type of your skin. For dry skin, choose a liquid foundation – it will act as a moisturiser. For skin that is oily and also dry, use a powder foundation. For oily skin, use a water-based stick or powder foundation.

Step 5: Get ready by washing

Like we always say here, the first step is to wash your face with soap or with a makeup cleanser. Then dry your face. If you’ve got a moisturiser, apply it to make your face a little soppy.

Application of Foundation: How to Apply Foundation

Now apply foundation using a makeup sponge or your fingers. Makeup sponges give light application of foundation while your finger gives heavier application. You don’t need to apply foundation on all of your face. You can apply it only on the parts you wish.

Beginning foundation application

You apply by making dots in the centre of the area you want to cover and blend it outwards in a circular movement. Remember to blend it into your hairline so it’s not easily visible. Also note the right foundation should disappear into your skin colour.

Now that you’ve learnt how to apply foundation for Indian skin and women, watch more face makeup videos and eye makeup videos.