Green Smokey Eye Indian Makeup Tutorial

Green Smokey Eye Makeup - How To Smokey Eyes
Green Smokey Eye Makeup – How To Smokey Eyes

Follow the steps in this simple makeup tutorial video to get green smokey eye makeup. The green smokey eye trend is a beautiful makeup trend to watch and follow. You have to follow this makeup video tutorial to get the perfect and balanced green smokey eye for Indian women. When you get that look, your eyes will pop. Learn how to do it on your own by watching this video or following the steps.

Green Smokey Eye Products You need

Here are the makeup products you need to get the green smokey eye makeup.

Eyeshadows:120 Pallete
Colour Trend Eyeliner pencil: white
Rimmel Eye liner pencil : Jet Black
Gel Liner: Mac Blacktrack Fluidline

Watch this green smokey eye video tutorial

5 Steps to getting the Green Smokey Eye

1. Prepare your skin

You need to wash off any makeup from your face to keep it without blemish and clear your pores. Use a makeup cleanser or soap for that dry effect. We neeed to get our smokey green eye to pop. Watch more eye makeup videos.

2. Apply Foundation

Apply foundation with foundation brush lightly on your skin. This is best for a great makeup base.

3. Shape your eyebrows

Draw your brows out gently using a eyebrow pencil. Remember to use your natural brow color to dab then a lighter colour in the center of your eyebrow.

4. Time for the eyes

Watch the video properly for this step. This is the green smokey eye moment. You want to apply the Jet Black pencil gently before applying the fluidline. Next is to apply the white eyeliner pencil. Watch very well how the wing of the eyebrow is created with a green gradient.

5. Time to Finish

Now apply black eyeliner on the upper eyebrow lids and the eye pencil again over the waterline. Then apply black mascara on your lashes to make them longer a little bit. After that use a concealer that’s lighter than your foundation colour for that perfect pop.