4 Tips on Eye Makeup For Dark Indian Skin

eye makeup for dark indian skin
How to Apply Eye Makeup for Dark Indian Skin - Indian Eye Makeup Videos
eye makeup for dark indian skin
How to Apply Eye Makeup for Dark Indian Skin – Indian Eye Makeup Videos

This is a video tutorial on how to apply eye makeup for dark Indian skin. It is a simple Indian makeup video with steps on how to get the perfect makeup. One of the many beginner Indian makeup videos we have on this site.

Tip 1: Concel Your Under Eye

You probably have darker under eye circles than the rest of your skin. They are very common if you’re Indian and is caused by an extra amount of melanin deposited in your skin. Genetics is the major factor of this. For those with these dark under eye circles, take extra care to use a concealer while covering them. The goal is to have an even skin tone to make you look glowing. You should select a concealer that’s the same shade as your skin tone.


To apply concealer, swipe it under your eyes then blend at the edge of your eyes. If after applying concealer, you still see some problems, apply orange color correcting concealer. Apply it the same way as your regular concealer and your under eye circles will be gone.


How to Apply Eye Makeup For Indian Skin

Tip 2: Highlighting Your Eyebrows

Apply white eyeshadow under the arch of your eyebrows. Just a little dab would do. This creates an illusion of bigger eyes for those with small eyes. Works perfectly for women with Dark Indian Skin

Tip 3: White Eyeshadow

For day makeup, apply shimmering white eye shadow as a base for your eyelids. Blend them properly and they will look so natural on your dark Indian skin. Some extra tips: A bit of white eyeshadow near your tear duct will make your entire eyes brighter. Also because you’re dark you can use a wide range of colours. Try some experiments sometime.

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Tip 4: Kajal for The Pop

Kajal will make your eyes pop better. You should line your lower eyelids with Kajal from any source. Kajal used to be for medicinal purposes but if it makes you beautiful why not use it on your face. Kajal can also be used to get smokey eyes. Smokey eyes is very beautiful on Indian women with dark skin. When done right.