Best Indian Bridal Makeup

Best Indian Bridal Makeup
Watch this Makeup Tutorial Video Best Indian Bridal

Watch the Best Indian Bridal Makeup tutorial in this makeup videos Indian skin. Learn how to look beautiful as an Indian bride or how to make your friend apply perfect makeup as a bride. The Indian bride is known to have smokey eyes, very bright colours of dresses. All to make her look beautiful for her groom and for her family

Best Indian Bridal Makeup
Watch this Makeup Tutorial Video Best Indian Bridal

Best Indian Bridal Makeup Video Tutorial

Ritu Deswal, of STYLE ‘N’ SCISSORS performs the best Makeup for an Indian bride. She gives the bride the dream look and beautiful features. From smokey to well defined, from understated to high drama, become an expert in Indian Face makeup video.

Here are 5 steps to getting this look is very simple

1. Cleanse your Face

We always say this because it is one of the most important and overlooked part of makeup artistry. Get all dirt, oil and clog off your face before you apply makeup

2. More Face Tips

Moisturise your face to get a smooth look and feel. Then apply primer as a base setting. It will help to hold your foundation and concealer in place. Use the concealer to properly blend in and cover your spots and blemishes.

3. Blush Those Cheeks

Indian brides always look colourful. Add some blush to those cheeks to make them look rosy and young. Don’t add too much as the cheeks will stand out from the rest of your face.

4. Black Eyeliner

Indian Brides swear by the black eyeliner. The black eye liner not only tones down the colour going on but makes your eyes look just perfect.

WATCH: How to Apply Eyeliner

5.Talk to Your Makeup Artist

Tell your makeup artist what you’ll like to achieve with your makeup. Tell him or her your like, dislikes and your groom’s likes and dislikes.

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