10 Indian Wedding Makeup Tips

indian wedding makeup tips
How to Apply Indian Wedding Makeup - Tutorial and Tips
indian wedding makeup tips
How to Apply Indian Wedding Makeup – Tutorial and Tips

Get these Indian Wedding Makeup tips to standout on your bridal day. Simple to learn and easy to follow these makeup tips for Indian skin and Indian women.

Watch this video of Indian bridal makeup if you don’t have the time to finish the tips.

Tip 1: Cleaning Your Face

Indian Brides are known for bright colours and makeup for their wedding ceremony. For you to get a look that lasts long, you should cleanse your face well by washing it with soap or a makeup cleanser. After washing, dry your face up and make sure there is no dirt or oil on it.


Tip 2: Preparing The Base of your Face

Apply moisturiser for your face. Moisturiser keeps your face healthy and gives you a good skin tone. Also moisturise the rest of your skin

Tip 3: Fixing Your Face

Apply a primer about two minutes after applying moisturiser and blend it in properly. Primer will help you keep your foundation, concealer and other makeup products in place. Use the concealer to cover all your spots, scars and blemishes.

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The steps for Indian bridal makeup tips are fairly simple, use gold or pink shades for painting your eyelids then charcoal eyeshadow on the exterior to give a smokey effect.

You should use a foundation without SPF and blend it in properly using a sponge or makeup brush. You start from the center of your face and apply it outwards. For oily skin, use foundaiton with matte finishes and for dry skin, use liquid foundaiton

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Tip 4: How to Apply Bronzer on Indian Skins

Bronzers were invented to contour your face properly and make it look slimmer. Use a blush brush and apply the bronzer on the sides of your chin. Ignore the centre. Apply it on sides of your forehead as well as the sides of your nose. Make a hollow with your cheeks by sucking them in and apply bronzer on the contours in short, light strokes.

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Tip 5: Applying Blush

It’s now time to apply blush. Apply some blush on an appropriate blush brush and pat it so the excess powder falls off. Smile for a bit and apply on your cheeks in a circular motion. Outwards to your ears.

Tip 6: Applying Eyeshadow

History shows that Indian brides prefer gold eye makeup because it blends with their saris and makes them glow. We recommend that colour for brides.

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Tip 7: Tips for Eyeliner Application

Never use blue or brown eyeliners as an Indian bride. We recommend the common jet black eyeliner, maybe get a waterproof one. Apply a thick eyeliner line on the top of your eye and a heavier line with kajal on your lower eyelid.

You can also attach false lashes if your eyebrows are sparse

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Tip 8: Lipstick Bridal Tips

For brides with thin lips, line your lips with the colour that is closest to your skin tone. For brides with full or plump lips, line the lip with a darker shade of your skin tone.

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Tip 9: Stay Moderate

We know it’s your day and you want to go wild. It is better if you avoid too many experiments and stick to our guide. You don’t want to look too flashy and colourful.

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Tip 10: Protect Your Skin

Apply sunscreen on your skin and reapply often – as often as every three hours. This will protect your skin from damage and is a great tip.

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