How to Contour And Highlight Different Face Shapes

How to Contour and Highlight Different Faces
How to Contour and Highlight Different Faces

This is how to contour and highlight different face shapes for Indian women. This makeup tutorial teaches how to get the perfect cheekbones and a slimmer nose. You will learn how to contour your face and bones using makeup. Contouring will make you look blended and give you a balanced face. It is a beginner makeup video and is simple to learn.

Products used in this
Stick concealer used for contouring : Milani, shade 03
Blush used for contouring: Karaza blusher , shade 10
Concealer used for highlighting: Sheer Cover, Medium/Tan
Highlighter used in the end: MAC mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle
Blush: NYX, Desert Rose
Contacts worn in this video
Lips: Revlon colorbust lipbalm in orange+a touch of iman lipstick in hot
Foundation worn in this video

Step 1: Wash Face

Get your face prepared by washing it with soap or makeup cleanser and applying your usual foundation to match your skin. Then apply concealer.

Step 2: Contouring time – How to┬áContour and Highlight

You should get a bronzer, blush, highlight powder, eye shadow, eyeliner and makeup brushes. You should start by locating your cheek bones and the hollows under the bones. For this part, you apply the bronzer from the top of your hairline to your cheeks. Watch more face makeup videos.

Step 3: Applying Contour For Small Faces

For small face, you shade just the hollows of your cheek bones starting from the middle of your face. Know your face shape properly and get with it.

Step 4: Applying Contour for Wide Face

For wide faces, use the bronzer to shade the outer edges of your jaw line. This will shrink your face and make it smaller. Watch eye makeup videos.

Almost done applying highlight now

For applying highlights, apply them on your cheeks with highlight powder and blush

For more on how to contour and highlight your Indian skin, watch the video above. When you’re done, get more beauty tips for Indian women here.