How To Apply Concealer, Foundation and Powder

How To Apply Concealer, Foundation and Powder - Face Makeup Video
How To Apply Concealer, Foundation and Powder – Face Makeup Video

How to apply concealer, foundation and powder will be taught in this Makeup Tutorial Video by Nuz. Learn the simple beginner step by step of concealer application, foundation application and powder application. Watch the makeup video to learn quickly or read the article below. This is a face makeup video to watch.

What is Concealer?

Concealer is an important part of the makeup kit. It is used to brighten up your face, cover up spots and hide blemishes and other things you don’t want people to see. There are different types of concealers in different colours use one that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your skin colour. You’ll soon be a pro at how to apply concealer.


How to Choose Concealer

For a pencil concealer, it is perfect for hiding acne as the tip of the pencil covers acne just perfectly. For skin tone concealer, remember to test it on your face before buying. Not on your palm or hands.

How To Apply Concealer

The concealer is usually the first step in the makeup application process – after washing your face clean with soap or makeup cleanser. You should use a concealer brush or the tip of your fingers and dab concealer under your eyes. Start from the edge of your nose and go all the way to the end of your eyelash. Remember to dab and blend it in properly so it’s not different from your skin colour and doesn’t look weird. Then rub on the inside of your nose properly. Are you getting How to apply concealer?


Find acne, blemishes and spots

Identify the acne, blemish and spots all over your face. Done that? Good. Do not use fingertips for this part as you will be blocking your pores with dirt. Dab a thin layer of concealer on your brush onto the spot or blemish and blend towards the rest of your skin.

Setting the concealer with foundation

To set concealer application, apply a layer of foundation on it. It’s recommended you use a loose or compact powder foundation for the best appearance. Instead of dabbing like the concealer, foundation should be spread all around your face evenly. Make sure you get the same colour all over.

How to Apply Foundation

There are different kinds of foundation. Select the one you want amongst cream, powder, liquid or mist foundation. You need to get foundation application right. It must be a smooth skin tone you get after applying it.

For more on how to apply concealer, foundation and powder, finish the video above. We hope you’ve learnt some simple indian makeup tips.