10 Steps to Day Makeup for Indian Skin

day makeup for indian skin
How to Apply Day Makeup For Indian Skin
day makeup for indian skin
How to Apply Day Makeup For Indian Skin

This is a step-by-step makeup tutorial on how to get day makeup for Indian skin and Indian women. There are many more Indian makeup videos like this on our site. It’s a simple makeup video for Indian Skin to follow so don’t worry about lagging behind or getting lost. Just get your tools ready and follow each step.

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Step 1: Cleanse your face

Wash your face with soap and water or cleanse it with a makeup cleanser. This will unclog your pores and make your face fresh and clean. You can then begin your makeup

Step 2: Moisturise and Prime

Moisturising makes your skin healthy and you shouldn’t forget this step before you begin to apply makeup on your Indian skin. Apply a light oil-free moisturiser before you apply primer on your face. Primer helps all your other makeup powders and items to stay on your face and not smear.

Step 3: Conceal Scars and Spots

The next step on day makeup for Indian skin is to apply concealer on all dark spots, scars, marks and blemishes on your skin. Also apply concealer at the under eye bags if you have them. A concealer serves as the canvas for the next step.

Use your finger to dab the concealer and apply with your finger tip gently.

Step 4: Light Foundation or Powder

Some foundations can dry up your skin in the heat or during your regular day. For dry skin, try getting moisturising or oil based foundation, this will help keep your skin moisturised. For oily skin, you want a dryer foundation that can absorb oil so go for matte foundations. Don’t wear heavy foundation during the day as it will look very drab and weigh your face down.


To pick the right foundation colour, apply it on your forehead to see what matches your skin. Don’t go lighter than your skin tone or you’ll look like a ghost.


Step 5: Contour and Highlighter

Contour and Highlight only the important parts of your face. Contour your nose a little bit to make your face look slimmer and highlight your upper cheekbones. You should smudge both contours and highlighters well so they blend in properly and don’t look out of place.

Step 6: Dark Coloured Eyeliner

A dark coloured eyeliner is perfect makeup for Indian skin. It will make your eyes look great and blend with the rest of your makeup. For darker or dusky Indian skin, you can combine two colours such as blue and green.

Step 7: Neutral Coloured Eyeshadow

Next, you want to use neutral eyeshadow that blends with your skin. The bright and dramatic colours and shades are for parties and glamour. You can also ignore this step if you like. Remember this is day makeup for Indian skin.


Step 8: Groooming your eyebrows

You should trim your brows, tweeze or wax them from time to time. You may also leave them to be natural but remember to use eyebrow gel to brush them in place. When choosing a brow pencil, let it be one that matches your natural eyebrow hair colour.


Step 9: Applying Mascara

Apply Mascara from the base of your lashes. This will give you the optimum result. Draw tiny dots with an eyeliner along your lower eyelash line, then smudge them in gradually.

Step 10: Picking the Best Blush

Keep your blush rosy and light. Only apply a little amount along your cheek bones. Avoid very colourful blush.


BONUS STEP: Lipstick Time

You should pick glossy rosy lipstick to complete this look. You can also choose another type of lipstick. Before you apply lipstick, apply moisturiser so that it doesn’t dry during the day.

We’re done with the steps on applying day makeup for Indian Skin and we hope you learnt a few things. Checkout more of our Indian simple makeup videos if you like and share them on Pinterest and Facebook. Thanks!